Gulf Emballage


Gulf Emballage was founded in 2004 in Dubai and active in Food & Beverage Industries and  Packaging and being as turnkey in packaging solutions and equipments and  supported Middle East  region with  the highest technology from  Europe and  Far East and  presenting serious suppliers and offering their technology and products and consulting for improving the productions, packaging and labeling.

Importing and exporting Food & Beverage, Technical Consulting and Technologies  is never going to stop in the worldwide and it will always continue to trade. It’s always made money for the people that have the knowledge how to use it correctly, you can now be one these people who know the secrets of global trading.  In fact ,  now is actually better than ever as there is a critical shortage of experienced import export agents right now !

All you need is the choice of the right business and training so you take the advantage of this demand position that you can start.